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Thursday, July 13, 2006

When it rains it pours

Well, talk about an eventful 24 hours! What started out as a summer rainshower turned into a couple hours of non-stop downpour. Our basement started flooding and we were getting concerned that it was going to get into the furnace. Wespent a few hours filling whatever we could with water and carrying out buckets filled to the top. The rain stopped and the flooding seemed to slow not too long after that. After a good nights rest, we rented a pump and emptied all the containers we filled as well as the floor. So all is good, right? We sit down to relax a bit while the kids are napping and hear a loud noise followed by the doorbell. Someone ran into Brian's car. Now, anyone that knows us well, knows that we don't buy nice cars. Cheap is usually the first qualifier and this one is no exception. No "OH NO someone hit the BMW!!!" here. The only thing is we were hoping to drive this one until we could afford to get the mini-van we will need to trasport our soon to expand family. I guess we will just take it in stride and see what happens...what else can we do?

Time to move on to the adoption topic. One thing many of you ask is why not have more of "your own children." First the answer your looking for and then second a caution to feelings.
  1. A while back I developed high blood pressure out of the blue. I tried changing diet, exercise, different rounds of meds and what it all boils down to is I am very sensitive to salt and regardless of diet I still need to be on meds. The meds that keep my BP in control however are a no-no for pregnant women, without them I skyrocket into unsafe (for myself and baby) levels for pregnancy. However, note that adoption is something we have always discussed, even before the birth of the girls. So this really wasn't a "plan-b" thing for us. It was encouragement to step out and go for it!
  2. Be cautious in how you ask things. I promise you not one of you have offended me, but I have been exposed enough to the adoption community now that I do know some people get offended very easily. When saying "your own children" you imply that an adopted child is not their own (perhaps they are just borrowing???). To an adoptive parent that can be hurtful, especially for couples that have dealt with infertility. Like I said, I'm not offended, but prior to researching adoption, I would have never thought twice. Just passing on my tidbit of wisdom to you :)
Life is good and we are lucky to even be able to consider bringing two more children into our home. I have been so blessed by the two I already have...their pregnancies, birth, hugs and kisses, and even tantrums and fits. I know some never get to experience any of it and I can't imagine! The journey we face now is just as exciting to us, but just as emotional, especially for me. When your pregnant you feel that anticipation and connection to the child growing in your womb. With adoption, though it is yet just an idea/process, I feel a similar attachment and can't wait to finally meet our children.


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