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Friday, July 21, 2006


We were approved on our fire inspection, and the girls got a kick out of having a fire fighter in the house too! One more thing to check off the list and one less thing to think about, whew!

Day one of the yardsale was today and I am AMAZED at how well it is going. We didn't take in donations of items, nor did we advertise it much. BUT, my goal was to raise enough for our immigration paperwork. Today we made $500, so only $185 to go! It was kind of sad getting rid of my maternity clothes. It is nice to have them gone though as I won't have to move them around anymore.

The best part of doing a yardsale is sitting on the swing spending time with my grandma. We usually hang out and chat as she likes to watch people come and go and I simply like to visit with her when I can. She always has the best stories (don't worry, grandma, I won't share the one about the bells on the bed!) and I treasure that time we spend. It's almost enough fun that I would think of having more than one yard sale a year...almost!

Still have some family that isn't quite on board with us on this. I know their concern is how our girls will react and handle it. It's hard to think past the two little sweeties! Then they worry about finances. Even though we re-assure them that a huge chunk will be reimbursed back to us, they know the struggles we have had in the past 5 years or so. Then there are some that think one of us should have surgery so we don't have children on our own anymore. I know they are all well meaning and only concerned for us, and that is ok! However, money we would spend on an operation like that could be used towards this adoption, therefore less money we would be borrowing, etc and so-on and so-forth. Besides, our youngest will be 5 soon and what we have been doing to prevent pregnancies has worked well so why kick something that is working well. Anyways, we both feel we are young enough that any surgery isn't necessary. What if 10 years from now my bp goes back to normal as quick as it skyrocketed...maybe God has more kids planned for us? Who knows, but I do know that we are doing the right thing with this adoption...that the timing is now and God will provide and we will persevere with His help.

I can't wait until the day I post on here that we have a referral in hand (that would be the identity/photos of our new children.) But for now all I can say is that I will type more later as it comes. Our final homestudy visit is on monday and then we hope to start working on our dossier (that would be the big packet of paperwork we get translated and send over to Vietnam.)


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