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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Night before the last homestudy meeting!

Well here I sit, working on an autobiography, figuring out how to tell our plan of keeping the children's heritage alive for them, and simply wasting time before doing housework. The list of what rooms still need dusted and mopped goes like a ticker tape in my head (along side of all the paperwork I need to present tomorrow as well.) I am not nervous, excited really, as that pretty much polishes off the homestudy with the exception of finding someplace in rural Ohio that has electronic fingerprinting abilities and getting myself and my husband there. I think the only part that makes me anxious about the whole thing is that when this part is done, we start on the dossier. It is one giant step done for us and the part of the adoption that we have ability to speed up or slow down is soon coming to an end. From there it will be in our agency and the Vietnam governments hands and not our own. Our biggest prayer is that we make all the right choices now as they will so greatly affect us later. We want God's will in this and are trying to keep our hands from stopping His.

On a personal note, we celebrated my dad's birthday today. It is nice right now thinking that this time next year there will be 4 little voices singing "Happy Birthday" instead of just 2. Maybe he'll have that grandson he has always wanted???

Happy Birthday Dad!


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