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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

next week

Our social worker called while I was at work yesterday and had to reschedule our appointment as she was ill. Now I have to keep my house clean for another week...this is becoming a habit. That is a good thing right. It is my hope I will have ALL paperwork done and ready to hand to her that evening. We are so close and only need to get fingerprints done as well as fill out our financial paperwork. Time isn't flying as fast as I thought though.
I've been lucky to get in on messaging with some families using the same agency as we are. It is nice to be able to ask questions and read info from those a few steps ahead of us. However, ignorance can be bliss as well! I didn't realize how popular our agency was and am afraid the timeline of 6-9 months might be stretching further and further. We'll see. Summer travel would be nice as my dad would LOVE to go and if he went, my mom would probably follow, but it will be REALLY hot there in the summer and next summer is a LOOOoooonng way away. Oh well, in God's timing it will be complete and I have to turst in that ultimately.
Meanwhile I am going to keep working on paperwork!


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