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Thursday, July 27, 2006


This whole process is one of learning....learning little things, learning big things. I learned a few little things today.
  1. I never know where our checkbook is
  2. Our bank limits how much you can charge to your debit card per transaction
  3. That number must be lower than the cost for our I-600A forms
  4. The post office won't take a credit card for a money order (makes sense if you think about it!)
  5. The lady at the post office is really nice and understanding as I try the 2 different debit cards not figuring out why they weren't working
  6. Our bank opens an hour earlier than I thought
  7. I shouldn't run errands before eating breakfast

Ok, so it is the little things right! Live and learn.

What is an I-600A? That would be the paperwork we sent off today in order to get permission to bring 2 orphans into the US. It used to be simply part of immigration but now goes through the Dept of Homeland Security, specifically the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS. Good or Bad, they got a chunk of change from us coming in the mail today. Then, in about a month or so, we will have to go and get fingerprinted for an FBI background check. Then we wait another month or so to see if we are approved. Oh, and as soon as our homestudy is done we need to send it out to them as well as it is part of the paperwork on us that they review. Thankfully they let your paperwork "get in line" while you finish up your home study. Nice of them isn't it!

AND after all that we put together our dossier to send off with more expected waiting. Waiting might be an issue with me, I am not good at it. I will learn though.


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