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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

time ticking by....

The past few days for me (9 to be exact) have been moving and stopping and flipping by like some sort of wierd scene in a movie. I have trouble waking up some days and thinking "did that happen or was I dreaming" and the answer is different every morning. I feel like I am stuck in a bit of a vaccum where time is deffinately not normal and I am not sure if I will ever get out at times.
All that said, I really am doing well, drowning in a sea of paperwork will do that for you and I think ours will all be done on Friday. Then life can get back to normal.
Reading the above I think of myself, am I okay? I am, trust me, I am.
Adoption thoughts:
What if I am in the position that I would have to turn down a referral. I can not imagine the heartache and really don't want to. I know it is easier to think what if, than to have to...would I be prepared? What medical conditions could I handle? What medical conditions could my family handle? In a way, I hate that I have a choice, but in a way I am glad I do. When I was pregnant with my girls I had the choice of my activities, nutrition, etc...is the choice to refuse a referral similar. Pardon my pregnancy comparison, it is not meant in poor taste for those dealing with infertility, just my thoughts being sorted out. I guess all I can do is simply pray for the health of my future little ones and pray for guidance in all of our decisions regarding this adoption journey.
There is more, but I will need to hold off for now, time to kiss my girls goodnight and I wouldn't miss that for anything!


At 9/28/2006 3:30 PM , Anonymous Molly said...

I am waiting on pins and needles, Jenn!! Just hoping to hear that paperwork is all done and in the proper hands ....and you can share good news! God is working this all out in His perfect timing. :)



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