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Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The weather here is so beautiful right now. In the mornings it is cool and sometimes a bit misty, but by noon the sun is out and the temps top off at around 72 degrees. Simply wonderful.

We spent last night oogling over the babies and getting more laughs from them. We also discovered that Chloe is getting teeth in, and probably Aubrey but she won't let you in her mouth to look. Supper was in room PB&J with fruit as the girls went to sleep a little early for the night and we were a little tired.

In adoption world:
We have our medical appointment and get our passports tomorrow (Thursday) and then have our first embssy appointment on Friday. Then we have a long weekend looking at us as it is Christmas weekend and some places will be closed on monday for the holiday. I am hoping we can go someplace a little western to enjoy some sort of Christmas cheer that day, it'll help pass time and keep our spirits up.
Speaking of spirits up, we really are doing well. I get sad sometimes talking to Olivia and Grace, BUT know that it won't be long until we head home, 10 days to be exact. That isn't long really, when you think about it. We should find out Friday when our second appointment is and therefor when we will be going home (you can leave the day after your last embassy appointment so long as that day is a business day.) Needless to say I am hoping for Tues, Wed, or Thurs. so we can head out before the weekend and New Year's.
Also in adoption news, the families here with us from another province had their G&R yesterday and arrived back late last night. So nice to see a new little face around the breakfast table and I look forward to meeting the other little ones.

The rest of the day will be spent palying with and keeping the twins happy (not easy some days, for sure) and also contemplating if everything will fit back into the luggage we brought. I am thinking I might go ahead and pack all our purchases up into one of the bags just to fool myself into thinking we are almost there. I shouldn't say fool myself, rather that it keeps me busy and helps me get prepared to go. I know it won't be easy to pack up...how do you decide what you really need on the plane and what you don't? I guess so long as we have the girls' immigration papers, formula, and our passports we will make it just fine and I need to not worry about it.

We also are having dinner tonight with the hotel manager. He has been so wonderful to us all and wanted to have a celebration dinner for all of us here adopting (4 families at this hotel.) It says alot to me as this is not a large operation. 6 floors with 6 or so rooms on each floor. He is genuinely happy for us, and really wants to celebrate with us. That is how the people are here. Their kindness and spirits really are genuine, the way they treat their children is precious, their land is lush. You should see some of the gardens here. I hope to take some photos on our way to the airport of the huge cabbage, the fields of corn, and row after row of rose bushes. I can really see why the tourism here is flourishing. The country is rich with varied history, has many old structures, and is simply beautiful to see.

I hope others are able to come here after me, if not to adopt the children needing families, just to visit and see the land.



At 12/20/2006 10:43 AM , Anonymous molly said...

It sounds like you're enjoying your time in Hanoi. I'm glad you have such ideal weather! How sweet of the hotel manager to throw a party for you all. That will be fun. It looks like things are moving along as far as the adoption processing. Enjoy those twins as you wait!


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