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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Today is/was sunday, we are getting ready for bed. The babies are already asleep. We had a tiny bit of crankiness tonight, more than usual that is. I am not sure if they simply were really tired from our day, or perhaps just not feeling well. Tomorrow will tell.

Today we went out for a nice lunch at a place called "Bobby Chinn." That is my new favorite spot in Hanoi. The food was outstanding...think 5 star quality food at Olive Garden prices. Dad had Filet Mignon with coconut sticky rice. The rice was the best thing of all we had and we are debating if we should go back and try to order just that. I had salmon on wasabi mashed potatoes...just the right kick to the potatoes. Best meal here, beautiful atmosphere, and a window seating looking out across the road to the lake. We wil make sure to go back at least once.

Other than that, we played with the babies. They are getting harder to tell apart as Aubrey is realy rounding out a bit. She is chubbing up and her face is rounding out a bit more like Chloe's. They seem to take turns switching between being happy go lucky and cranky...as in yesterday was Chloe's day to be cranky, and today was Aubrey's. I know part of this is still the whole getting used to a new life thing, and the changes in schedule and all.

Changes I've noticed in the girls
They are really starting to kick around. They love having their legs free and open and I am glad I brought baby gowns (we always called them baby-in-a-bag's) so they keep their legs warm, but flexible. When I first brought them back Aubrey would not put weight on her legs, but now bounces around pretty good on them while Chloe is even more advanced. It's the same way for their heads. At first we had limited head control and movement, but now Chloe can do tummy-time without getting to upset and look around most directions while on her tummy. Just today Aubrey really got her head up and around during tummy time. It is amazing to see them growing and doing so much in only 4 days.

Tomorrow we will hear more on our status here and perhaps how long we will be having to stay...hoping for our flights booked on the 23rd!



At 12/17/2006 9:51 AM , Blogger Nicki said...

Isn't it amazing what just a few days of serious love can do? I love hearing those updates! I am wishing you guys the best of luck tomorrow in the "good news" department! I really think you will be on your way home by Christmas!

At 12/17/2006 1:35 PM , Anonymous molly said...

How fun to hear how the girls are developing and changing in the 4 days you've had them. It's amazing how fast it happens, huh?! Keep posting those details....I love hearing about them!

The pictures and video are great and I love seeing them in the cute outfits you bought before you traveled. I still love those dresses you had them in for the G&R :) And how considerate of them to trade off being cranky! They are both so precious!

At 12/17/2006 2:57 PM , Anonymous LaurieW said...

How exciting are there changes- so glad to hear about tummy time- I was thinking they may not have had much of that and it is so important- blah blah blah- love reading your descriptions, praying you get to come home for Christmas.


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