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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

1st day together

What a day and what a couple of sweeties I have!

Boring stuff first:
Went to apply for passports today and they no longer let you expedite it. I was dissapointed to say the least. Everything all hinges on one day now for us to make it home by Christmas. ONE DAY...as in on the 21st I will have to go at 10AM to get the passports, then go straight to the medical which takes 4 hours to process and then hope against hopes that I can get that last interview at no earlier than 4 on the 21st as they issue Visas the next day (the 22nd) and our plane leaves the 23rd (a saturday) It feels very stressful, it does, BUT I am not going to worry as it does no good and before or after Christmas, home is home. I do want to make it home in time for Olivia's bday on the 28th and also the babies first appointments with Dr Beck that day as well. PLUS, I have super good seats on that flight (the 23rd) that I do NOT want to give up, 3 of four seats in the second bulkhead row with TWO bassinets. These babies sleep laying down, not being held and I do not want to mess with that no matter how tempting!

On the babies (i.e., the fun stuff!) :
We are slowly but surely adjusting to bottles. I have found that a good wide-base silicon nipple with the formula as hot as safe, then lay it on it's side for about 2 minutes to get the nipple really soft and warm. That is the only way they will do bottles, and that is only if they are in an exceptionally good mood or if they are so tired they don't notice...forget it if they are mad and hungry!
Clothes, they are long, so footed sleepers (I only brought 6 each!) are snug, doable but snug. In the new pics you will see them in their blanket sleepers of which I wish I had brought a dozen of. They snap for legs or a gown making them great to put over clothes when heading out and about and also easy at night to change pants. Very warm and soft and even covers their hands fairly well.
Aubrey is having bad dreams or something. She slept with me last night and a couple times while still asleep would jerk her head around and get the saddest little cry face. I feel so bad for her and patting her softly seems to help. On the sleep thing; their nanny made a point to show me how they will go to sleep when you lay them down. Make sure they are tired, but not mad and let me tell you if works like a dream! Right now they are both snuggled up to each other on the bed by my legs and snoozing away all snug and warm. I am keeping my room warm as they are not used to the AC, they are layerd inside of the blanket sleepers, I am in a tank. Seems to work though as if they get chilly (as in doing a quick sponge bath) they get mad. They prefer to be warm and cuddly.
Last night we were up the one time I posted and they woke around 5:30, I figured to eat, but not so. It was like they wanted to know I was still there and that they were safe and as soon as they saw me and I talked to them a bit, off to dreamland again until breakfast at 8. A decent nights rest for the first night, more sleep than I have been getting the past few nights anyways. Today Aubrey stayed with another mom while I went to go apply for the above passports. Chloe went with me and rode in the Baby Bjorn. I tried my sling first, but no way, she likes to see more of what is going on and does not have the head control down yet to ride more upright in the sling. She was wonderful, napped in the taxi smiled real sweet at all the people there, and cooed on the way back. Aubrey was good here and after getting abck to the room (I did it without a stroller!) we had 4 oz of very warm formula each (see above) and a quick sponge bath. I am dying to get them a real bath, but know that they are still a bit traumatized and need to let them settle in some first. I did lotion them though and they loved that...smelling like lavendar baby lotion now, MMmmmmmm. Sleeping away and I plan on joining them as soon as I load up some new pictures for you all.
I will try to keep posting as I have a spare moment or two and please be thinking about us and the tight deadlines we would like to meet. I'll be so happy to make our original flights, but will be okay if we miss them, just hate to miss Christmas.



At 12/14/2006 8:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Sounds like your doing a great job with those adorable little girls. I hope and pray you make it home by Christmas. Thanks for keeping everyone up on how things are going there.


At 12/14/2006 9:23 AM , Anonymous molly said...

Awwwww the twins sounds so adorable!! And you are a wonderful mommy! You have tuned right into their needs and are going with the flow and doing just what needs to be done so that their adjustment is as smooth and as comfortable as possible. I'm glad you found a solution to their feedings That was smart!

Aubrey and Chloe couldn't be more beautiful. And it's so nice to see them with you!

I'll be praying for the timing of the rest of the trip. It sure would be nice if you could be home for Christmas with the twins!

At 12/14/2006 9:33 AM , Blogger Nicki said...

Oh Jenn, I know that "one day" stress all too well. My travel was identical. If I did not have a million pieces fall into play based on ONE DAY I would have not been able to make it home by Thanksgiving. But it WORKED OUT and I was home a week BEFORE Thanksgiving so keep your chin up, it'll work out for you too!! Those babies are just gorgeous. I can't get enough!!!!!!!!!!!

At 12/14/2006 11:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so in love with your daughters!!! Sounds like you are getting along well-but then I never had any doubts that you would. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and hoping that it all works out that you can come back on the "good" flight!

At 12/14/2006 4:29 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

It really sounds like they are doing wonderfully. They are so cute! I love the video. I'll be praying for your travel to work out. Try not to stress and just concentrate on those sweet girls.
Thanks for all the updates.

At 12/14/2006 10:51 PM , Anonymous Kim said...

Oh, Jenn! They are both so adorable and it sounds like you are such a great mommy to know exactly what they need. They are lucky babies and you are definitely a lucky mom. I am hoping that all your appointments fall into place and you get home on your flight! Thanks for keeping us updated!

At 12/15/2006 3:20 AM , Blogger -Jenny said...

we are thinking of you across town! SOunds like you have it under control though. we are flying by the seat of our pants over here!


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