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Friday, December 15, 2006

Good Morning to Us

Well, a good nights sleep works wonders doesn't it!

We turned in at 8 when the babies did, were up at 1 for a bottle, then again at 5. The difference with this morning compared to the last two mornings was that the 5 o'clock awakening was not a sad one, but a happy one. We smiled, we laughed, we played and talked to each other...a nice change from the sad mornful cries we have done the past two mornings. After that we changed pants, had a small meal and went back to sleep. They are starting to stir so I imagine they will be up soon. I hope so, my tummy says it is time to eat!

Also, I am working on uploading some new video. I am hoping to get it done soon, but it all depends on the connection which is not as good from my new room. I must not have done pics yesterday, so sorry, the video will have to do. They take turns being cranky, thankfully, as both of them crankin' would be hard. In the video I am trying to get going, Aubrey is crankin' and Chloe thinks it's a tad bit funny. They love talking to each other, and even hold hands some, you'll see a bit of that in the video. I am not sure why but when I get the camera out, they tend to get that deer in the headlights look.....mouth slightly open, eyes wide.

Looking forward to another day with half of my girls, missing my other two very much!


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