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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Child Specifics

Many of you would like to know more about what we are looking for in the age/gender department. Seeing as we (hopefully) have our last homestudy tomorrow night, we ourselves had to narrow that down to something very specific and precise. What did we end up deciding?

Well we finally put our finger on it. Our main concern is that our new additions are younger than our oldest. Much research has gone into adoptions and it is advised against adopting older than your oldest. There is a lot of technical stuff that goes with it and the more I ran into it in different places the more I figured I had better trust those with experience. Now everything past the age thing is simply desires of our hearts. A "brother and sister" is how the girls put it and we would be good with that, though 2 boys and 2 girls wouldn't be bad either. So when we meet with our social worker tomorrow, we are going to simply say ages 5 and under (Olivia turns 6 in December) and we will plan on leaving it at that.

We firmly believe that God give's us the desire's of our heart! We know that in the end His plan will be unfolded and it is exciting to see what turns up. I also know that He knows what is in our best interest, and I don't plan on interrupting that. Sometimes it is so hard to simply take my hands off of things and let Him do it.

Like I had said in my prior post, I'm learning a bunch....some of it little, some of it life-changing!


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