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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

She Shops!

I should say "We shop." At the last minute my mom decided to accompany us to the zoo yesterday. We get down to Columbus and the sky is dark, it's sprinkling, and the girls need to stretch their legs. Do we go to a McDonald's with a playplace, or a mall with a playplace....hmmmm, tough decision, right!
We ended up at the Polaris mall, very nice! They have a good mix of "top-line"/"designer stores" and "regular people can afford me" stores. Their playplace has only one entrance and exit with lots of climing and slides. We took our time letting them play and planned where we would want to go. Mom needed a few things at a store upstairs and my big thing I had an eye for was a diaper bag. I know boring, but I felt like I needed to keep my eye out for a nice backpack diaper bag as I am not going to have a free hand for a carry one.
Let me just say JC Penney's was having 40% off of already marked down clearance!!!
We came home with enough to get us to Vietnam and back...so if anyone out there is thinking they might buy the twins some clothes, it is much appreciated, but we don't need anything in 0-3 We figure they will outgrow that size shortly after we get home, and as you will see below we bought enough to travel with. (I think it's enough, any of you with travel experience let me know if I need to take more clothes for them!) Penney's had lots of little sleepers and one piece outfits that were marked down to $4.99-$7.99 and then 40% off after that!

Here is what we took home:
4 sleepers, 4 outfits and one dress each in 0-3
5 onsies in 0-3
3 sleepers and 2 outfits each in 3-6
1 sleeper, one outfit each and 5 onsies in 6-9 month
a couple of pairs of socks
my diaper bag backpack in a simple black design!

The girls were so good while we shopped the sale, they even found something for the babies. Each picked out a pink blanket taht was rolled up with a hat on it for the babies, one picked a rabbit had, the other picked a kitten hat. Very cute and very sweet!
I found an outfit I really liked for their Giving and Recieving, it's little white sundresses with pink flowers on it. Very simple, but cute little dresses, with matching bonnets and socks of course. I just need to find 2 little white sweaters to go with them and bows in case their hair will hold them.
I also picked up on clearance 2 little white hats, jsut the knit caps you generally see for little ones. They have a small spray of pink flowers embroidered on them and one says "I Love My Mommy" while the other says "I Love My Daddy" Who could resist at only $3!!!
So my days of shopping were engulfed into one. I won't plan on buying any more clothes, as I have a feeling the twins will recieve some BEAUTIFUL outfits from some family members. The only things I need for the nursury that I haven't held onto from my girls being babies would be crib sheets and a monitor. We have car seats covered (Thanks Em!) Another gal I know that had twins is pregnant again, for "only one this time" as she says, is going to provide one bouncy seat, another cirb if we think we will need it, and a few other items. I feel so blessed each time I think of all the things I am not going to have to go out and buy new! It will help us be able to purchase truckloads of diapers and formula, we'll need it!

Preparing to be a mother of babies again...


At 10/03/2006 10:57 AM , Blogger Nicki said...

Woohoo! This is sooo fun! I love that you are indulging us along the way!!! :-) So what are you going to do about baby carriers? Have you researched how to best carry twins?

At 10/03/2006 4:30 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

Wow, what great deals. Makes me want to run to JC Penny right now. I love the Polaris Mall, too.
It's so neat to hear how the girls are so excited about the babies.
Keep us informed! I'll be popping in to check up on you.


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