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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

4 days left

(This is tuesday's post post that I was going to have my back-up ghost blogger good friend post for me, but I haven't heard from her...hoping she is not ill. So, here it is from yesterday a few hours late.)

This evening marks 4 days left in the US. You'd think I would be nervous or something, but I was very lucky to spend a very re-juvenating day with a good friend today. I am hoping she is reading this, though I know she is thinking "re-juvenating...my house?" It was though, I feel refreshed and ready to face the rest of the week. I needed it! PLUS, wait until I post Christmas pictures of the babies in their new little outfits! Red (my favorite color) with Scottie dogs (which I simply adore) and with a cute butt ruffle and bow!!! Perfect for Christmas Day! I can't wait to put some of these clothes of two little wiggly bodies.

thankfulness post:
Today I am thankful for quiet times: a drive in the car, waking before the household, times of prayer, reading a good book, staying up late, anytime that the noise level is down to just my thoughts! I find these times so relaxing and refreshing and I hope that while in Vietnam I am able to find a few quiet moments to keep me going strong. Some of you are laughing as Hanoi is the capital city and is not very quiet from what I hear.

Did I ever tell you all that we will be in Hanoi the entire time? Not sure if I did or not. We would like to take a day trip to Ha Long Bay (I'll try to attach a picture) or maybe to some of the minority villages or even the mountains (this would be an overnight trip). I really want to see my daughters' country, but I also am anxious to come home early. The reality of leaving Olivia and Grace is settling in and it isn't friendly. It will be 3 weeks that I will not see my girls and I am not liking this at all. However it works out I will survive, perhaps a compromise in the middle (a little sight seeing, and traveling home early would be good!)

Jenn who is behind on her lists..the to-do list, the packing list and the "DON'T FORGET THIS" list


At 11/29/2006 4:05 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thank you for everything! Your advice was just what the doctor ordered. We are back on track. God does work in mysteriuos ways.
Hope everything goes well with your trip. Your family will be in our thoughts and prayers everyday.


At 11/29/2006 6:19 PM , Anonymous molly said...

Leaving your kids behind is HARD!! We've done it 3 times. You'll probably have some tears on the trip over to VN. But for me, once I was in VN and had my new baby (and you'll have TWO) I was so sidetracked by getting to know my new little one and taking care of all the baby needs, that I didn't have much time to be sad about not seeing my other kids. It helped that I knew they were home safe with their grandparents getting spoiled and having lots of fun. I knew they were happy and safe and that's what mattered to me. I did break down when I heard their voices on the phone. THAT was TOUGH! But then the busy-ness of the adoption trip kicked back in and I did fine. I know you will too. I will be praying for your girls back home when I pray for you. And just trust that they are safe and happy and you'll do just fine.


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