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Friday, November 24, 2006

Day after Thanksgiving

I am chuckling at myself as for lunch today I had a turkey sandwich! I read my last blog and people probably think I am anit-turkey...but really I am not. Just the traditional roasted turkey served for holidays, the rest I tend to like. My sandwich today was on home-made bread and had cranberry relish and cream cheese on it. A very good friend of mine has said on more than one occasion that if you were to cut open a woman you would find that we are half cream cheese. It always cracks me up as what is the best kind of frosting...cream cheese. The best kind of dips have what in them....cream cheese. Best way to fix a bagel...cream cheese. Perfect filling for a baked french toast....cream cheese. I admit I agree. The sandwich was very good by the way.

Olivia is making out her Santa letter right now, I'll have to take a picture and post it. She has never thought to do this before, but now all of a sudden it is imperative to get this done! I have to chuckle as she is including some things for her sister as she can't write yet....wait till you see it :) I just hope we are able to get one of the things on her list...we hadn't planned on it, but might have to as she is only asking for two things, it's hard not to get at least one of those.

My thankfullness post for today:
I am so thankful for music. When I was in highschool I was in band, stage band/jazz, choir, musicals, state bands, etc and LOVED it. TO THIS DAY I still love music. I don't play the trombone anymore, sold it in hard times awhile back, but I love to sing and I have my favorites. There are two popular ones for this day as this is the day we decorate for Christmas. I currently have in Harry Conick Jr.'s Christmas CD which I LOVE and should buy another one of for in the car. We also tend to play A Verry Veggie Christmas quite a bit. The girls love it, especially with Jr. singing "While by my sheep" with the sheep in the background.
Music is so funny how it effects our emotions, can bring back a distant memory or sentiment. I am looking forward to singing lullaby's again!



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