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Sunday, November 26, 2006

a week of lasts

Well this is my last week as a mother of 2 girls. In one short week that will be doubling. It's amazing how you go through a spell of calm and then the nerves creep up on you. My focus right now is on Olivia and Grace and my house. Trying to balance extra luvin's on them and get the house ready for two more. We have a rather small home, but had to finance the last drop out of it for this adoption, so we will be stuck here awhile. I love our neighborhood and our lot is really deep and in a quiet part of town. I am really hoping to move out into the country when we are able to move, hoping and praying. I have to chuckle as when we bought our house it was only 600 sq.ft., yep, six hundred (I didn't forget a number in there anywhere.) Olivia came very shortly after that and then our bonus-baby, Grace, appeared a year after that. It took about 1 year of 4 people in 600 sq ft to figure we needed to add on. Brian worked at an Engineering firm at the time and his boss along with some wonderful friends from church helped us build on. The only part we hired out was the foundation, the rest was done by us non-professionals. Our house is now a little under 1400 sq ft, not a bad size, but it we will be pushing it to its limits I am afraid. If only I could talk him into removing the wall between the entry and the office, THAT would help, but it is a support wall or something?

Many have asked, and YES, I plan on posting from Vietnam. Why do I think I will, it's going to be my link to my kids in some ways, and I have a room with in-room internet access and a sister who is letting me bring her laptop all the way around the globe. I also have a friend at home ready and willing to help update the blog if for some reason it is blocked or not accessible. I am hoping to also put pictures and video if I can figure it all out. I really want to share what I can with you all.

Thankfullness post for the day:
I am so very thankful for our church. This was my last service for most likely this year, though I am hoping to make it home early and go to the morning service on New Years Eve. It is so nice to have a congregation that you've been a part of for as long as we have. To have friends and family that attend there. To have preachers who aren't afraid the preach the Word of God. To feel like I have a second home with the people we attend with. I really am hoping they all have a wonderful Christmas season.

Jenn who leaves in 6 more days, that's right just 6 more days!


At 11/27/2006 12:13 AM , Blogger jjm said...

I'm thrilled to hear that you will be posting from VN. I look forward to reading your posts as your journey continues.
: ) Jessica



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