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Sunday, November 19, 2006


I feel like the countdown is on as we are less than two weeks from leaving! I am so excited!

In 13 days we will be traveling to the airport to board a plane to pick up the other part of our family! How mush mo re exciting does it get? Well, there is Thanksgiving in there and for us that means 3 meals this year, yikes! Then there is the fact that Olivia and Grace will be leaving the day before us, so we will have a mommy and daddy night all to ourselves before we embark on this journey. Before any of you get any ideas, that evening will be spent wrapping gifts for not only Christmas but also for their birthdays as we have two girls that are at the age that birthday parties are the "thing" to look forward to and just so happen to follow one after the other after Christmas. Not to mention last minute cleaning and packing!

Anyhow this is it, my coutndown begins and I hope to post every day with something I am thankful for. 13 is a small number in comparisson with all that I am thankful for, but I hate to just simply have a ticker going, this is so much more monumental to me than that!

So in 13 days we leave to get our girls and today I am thankful for our small town. Though small town can be annoying and frustrating (like when you need passport photos on a Sunday) it is home. Our parents call it home, as well as other family, and our church is here, which includes even more family! I am so thankful for where we are in this great country of ours!

Jenn who will be waiting ever so patiently for only 13 more days!


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