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Sunday, November 12, 2006


Another baby gift, beautiful handmade sweaters by my friend and fellow stamper Sharon, THANK YOU, they are beautiful! So soft and I am sure they will get lots of use.

I got an early Christmas gift today as well. I am extremely pleased my mom thought to give it to us (it is for hubby and I both) early as it is a nice set of luggage. Red, my favorite color, and with wheels that turn around. Think office chairs, you can go wherever you want...any direction. That is what my suitcases do! You can bet I have plans for them. So I had to figure out how to start packing without taking over my already taken over house. One thing about me, I can organize info, get rid of files I don't need, etc. but when it comes to my house I am terrible! I had a friend come over not too far back and help me organize my kitchen cupboards and countertops and I am proud to say that it still looks good and I can find what I need. So, I decided to attack the laundry room today and I won! It isn't done, but there is enough room for the dog crate (needed to move it so I had a spot for the swing) and the countertops are cleared off enough so that I can lay out our three suitcases. Time to start packing...anyone visited Vietnam in December before?

So why do I post this reality? I few realities hit today.
#1 I don't have to have a cluttered home. It just takes me getting really determined to get something accomplished. The best part of htis is I am figuring out what makes me really determined.
#2 I am entering what I hope is my last week of working outside of the home. I waitress at my parent's restaurant, and really don't mind it, but find myself needing to be here to do school and de-clutter! With the babies on the way, I had to call it quits. It is hard to quit as I grew up there and it is a part of my life, but I am thinking here in 3 weeks or so it won't be so bad being away for a good while. I know I'll be in and out of there though as there are times when mom needs someone and my husband is brave enough to take care of all of his children...though I bet it doesn't happen often
and perhaps the most profound reality to hit me today:
#3 I am going to be a baby mommy again! It has been working its way to the surface, and today it hit. At church, our pastor called forward two of my friends at church that are expecting and then me. It didn't hit me until about then, I am an expecting mom! I have been assigned the task of two brand new little lives to help shape and guide. Two little hearts that will need cared for and loved. Hair to put bows in, boo-boos to kiss, first steps to witness, and birthday cakes to make. Bedtime prayers and snuggles on cool nights, stray socks found in the oddest places, fevers and snotty noses. First teeth and little kisses, baby soaps and lotions, black patent leather shoes that fit in my palm of my hand and short little tights with lacy rows on the behind. Trips to the doctor and first swimming lessons, kissing their babies and reading favorite stories. All of these things I look forward to, some more and some less, but most of all the love of a child who calls me mommy. That does not even begin to put words to it!!!
Pretty profound in my heart and certainly not the whole of it, though I am sure some of you are thinking it is a good thing I figured it out now.

Signed, organazionally challenged stay at home mother of four princesses


At 11/13/2006 5:54 AM , Blogger Nicki said...

Sniff! This totally made me cry!!! I swear, being a baby-momma is the best thing in the world!!!!!!!!

At 11/13/2006 7:54 AM , Blogger Susan said...

Thank you for this post. I'm so looking forward to being a first-time mommy to a little one. I read your description and said, "Yep, that's EXACTLY what I want."

Good luck with the organizing!!

At 11/13/2006 9:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it wonderful!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you.

At 11/13/2006 7:51 PM , Anonymous LaurieWe said...

Time is sure flying fast- but you will do grand- perhaps your new organizing is your nesting phase!!

At 11/15/2006 12:06 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

BABY-MOMMA! Sniff sniff!


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