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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tickled Pink!

We are so blessed to have people that love us and think of us. I can't even begin to name all of the people that regularly ask about us, are praying for us, and excited for us! I wish I could name them all, but I won't for the fear of forgetting to put someone down. You all know who you are....family, friends, co-workers, church members, and even on-line friends! Thank you for your support and prayers, thank you for thinking of us and for offering your advice and help. I am not sure we can ever repay the favor or even begin to express our gratitude for this the greatest gift of all, your time!

I also want to say a few thank you's to a few people that have sent gifts our way. It is SO fun to open pink packages. IF I FORGET SOMEONE HERE, LET ME KNOW!
First baby gift we recieved was from my Aunt Jody, 2 wonderfully soft fleece blankets that are sewn to form a sort of pocket for baby to go in, wonderful for swadling up in the elements and I am sure a must take for when we go pick out our not so big as last year Christmas tree. One in green and one in lavendar, but with the most adorable funky flower ribbon trim on it!!!
We also have a sweet gal that works at my parent's place that made baby sweaters for us. Dee is in highschool and for some odd reason loves my kids (even in their bad moments) and she made two matching little white sweaters with pearly buttons on them....so cute and cuddly!
My Aunt Linda and familyy, (baby cousin's mom, see pics from last month) gave us a gift card to get car seat covers with as it gets very COLD in Ohio. I already know what kind I want and can't wait to go get them.
The girls' Aunt Jodi (my sister-in-law) sent a box this weekend. Let me tell you this was fun to open. Gracie helped me and we had fun. It was all packaged in pink tissue and held quite a few goodies: baby toys and teethers, cute matching sleepers, Monogramed onsies and matching shorts (similar to what you might find in the Princess Nataley collection!) and really fun onesies for next spring/summer. AND we can't forget stickers, lipgloss and a lollipop for my two older girls....they decided to pack them in their backpack for on the airplane (I'll have to remove the gloss and put into their quart baggy for security check in)

Then I have had so many people offer us to borrow stuff, I've listed some of them before. It is so very nice to not have to go out and buy two of everything! I keep wishing I had kept some of the girls' baby clothes. I had such adorable pieces, but at that point in our life, one of us was pretty set on not growing our family any more than where it was. You do what you do when you can and when storing all those clothes for a year turns into 2 then more you do what you do. Now, I sit back and peek in the suitcase and closet and figure it's a fair trade, some of their clothes are too cute to handle without tears and wishing they were here to fill them.

I really wanted to post how blessed and thankful I am, though I don't think a post to a blog could do that. This is simply all I can do to put it to words.
Looking forward to hearing solid news this week on travel (I hope!) We are all yearning to hold them and love them, though I feel like I have no stance to complain on a wait, others have waited for far too long.


At 11/05/2006 10:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. Best wishes for your sweet lil twins!

At 11/06/2006 11:24 AM , Blogger Ange said...

I really hope you hear about travel this week!

At 11/06/2006 9:11 PM , Blogger Nina said...

Thank you for the email you sent to me. I am unable to email you back and would love to. Could you please email me through my Blogger profile so we can continue our conversation?

At 11/06/2006 11:38 PM , Blogger Rachel said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I just want to say congrats on your baby girls! I will certainly be following your journey to them!

I am constantly amazed at kindness from family and friends. Sounds like you are surrounded by many loving people. :)

At 11/07/2006 4:20 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

*giggle* Well, girl twins are absolutely irresistable to shop for! :) Jodi


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