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Thursday, December 21, 2006


I miss Olivia and Grace, I miss my husband, I want to go home.

Our first US interview is today at 1 and from what others are telling me, I am going to be here awhile. Not sure how that is going to work out.

I am re-doing my Christmas wish from the post below. I wish that Brian gets some sort of year end bonus and that it is enough for him AND the girls to come to me since I can't go to them. (I am really dreaming here!)

Will let you all know how the interview goes.



At 12/21/2006 10:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
This is Cindy, I have been reading all of your messages. my heart goes out to you, at least I had my family with me when I had to go away for 22 days. Our prayers are with you everyday. Others are praying for you and your children to come home as soon as possible. Can't wait to see you. Take care.

At 12/21/2006 10:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can only imagine how hard it is to be away from your family this long, especially at Christmas. I am praying that by some miracle they could come to you.

Take care,

At 12/21/2006 11:37 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey girl..
Been keeping up with your notes. Sorry to hear you won't be home as planned. I know how it feels to be away from your children, just dropped Reno off with his dad. Your still in my prayers. I'll be getting back from TX about when you are getting back as well. Can't wait to see you and the little ones with the rest of your family!!

At 12/22/2006 5:47 AM , Blogger kylennox said...

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At 12/22/2006 8:18 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

I can only imagine how difficult it must be to be away from your family for so long. You really have done amazingly well. Just hang in there a while longer. You WILL come home to them. Keep focusing in that. I'm praying for you. Merry Christmas!

At 12/22/2006 10:38 PM , Anonymous molly said...

Oh Jenn, You must be aching for home and your family. I'm so sorry you have to be apart at this time of the year. It would be hard anytime but around Christmas and birthdays especially. Can you take any more day or weekend trips? That might help the time pass more quickly and take your mind off of the homesickness.....and you'd be learning more about your twins birth country in the process.

I am praying for you...Hang in there. It will happen.


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