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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

another good one

Before I forget, I want to tell you I plan on doing an update on how the twins are doing here in the next day or two...you know: what they eat, how they sleep, walking or not, etc.

I did have to pop in here really quick and let you all know that I have found a new comfort food:

Homemade Applesauce (why do I buy the stuff at the store!!!)

32-36 apples of varying sizes and variety (Granny Smith, Braeburn, and Tree-Out-Back)
1 and 1/2 cup honey
2 and 1/2 cup water
some cinnamon

Peel, core, and cut apples into pieces (I used an old peeler, corer slice of my dads and then chopped them up a bit from there...Pampered Chef sells them and don't worry if you get a little peel in there.) On a side note the older two thought it was great to see who could eat the longest apple peel. Place chopped apples in a big pan with water, honey, and a few good shakes of cinnamon depending on how much you like in your applesauce. Cook on medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, let cool slightly and mash with a potato masher. It won't be smooth and runny like store bought, but thick and so tasty. I imagine it is good cold, but right now the steaming little bowl I have of it couldn't taste any better! Yum!!! A side benefit would be that your house smells amazing too.

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At 8/30/2007 12:40 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

Enjoying reading your blog. I haven't read anyone's in awhile. I love homemade applesauce, too. It's the best. The pics for the girls are so cute. We started homeschooling this week. So far, it is going well. I'm trying to get most of it finished in the morning. Eastin's crying, he is not sleeping through the night either.

At 8/30/2007 7:09 AM , Anonymous Jodi said...

You baffle me Jenn. How on earth do you have time to make homemade applesauce and salsa? LOL I'm just happy to have my family on whole grains, hahaha. I'm sure it all taste amazing. Have fun on vacation!

At 8/30/2007 12:22 PM , Anonymous E. said...

Ooooo, that sounds yummy and even easy enough for me to do it!!!!! I'm absolutely going to try that one.

At 9/03/2007 9:03 PM , Anonymous melissa lorenz said...

Hi Jenn. I read your blog all the time and love all your recipes. We are also adopying VN, I just have not made my own blog yet...one of these days. Could you email me at hismissionmine@yahoo.com ? I have a question for you. I actually have a PC Apple peeler/corer/slicer and your recipe sounds so easy and good. I'll have to try it out sometime.


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