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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

She came, she saw, we're done!

We did have our last homestudy last night and it went really well. Our social worker is so easy going and so nice, she makes you feel like you have done it all before! It feels good having that part of the homestudy done. Now all we have to do to finish it up is finish our education requirements, wait on a couple reference letters, and get a letter from Brian's employer. Then we move our first set of waiting.

Here is what we are doing for our 12 hours of education required by our home study agency:
  • 3 hours for prior parenting experience
  • 3 hours for reading the book "Toddler Adoption" by Mary Hopkins-Best (Figuring at least one of the children will be in this age group!)
  • 2 hours for an online course about attachment
  • 3 hours for reading Fodor's Destination Vietnam (Really a travel guide, but very rich in the history of the country and it's peoples beliefs and customs)
  • 1 hour for an additional online course yet to be taken

If any of you reading this need edu creditsa nd are interested in online ones go to www.adoptionlearningpartners.com and check out what they have available.

If any of you reading this have a good suggestion for a book on attachment, I would really like to read more as our children are now in orphanages and will most likely need some help with bonding and affection. Let me know what resources have worked for you!


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