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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Still kicking

Well, we are still going on and moving forward. That doesn't sound like much does it, well it isn't. Working on waiting is about what we are doing right now. We do not have a travel date, and won't for awhile. Therefore I can't plan where the children will be, who will have the dog when, etc. Working with the bank still on how we are going to pay for this all. Doing quite a bit of waiting. Waiting on clearer pics of the babies, waiting on more medical info if we can get access to it, waiting on packing bags until we know when we will be traveling, waiting to buy more clothes for the babies in case they are bigger or smaller than we think, waiting to buy formula because it is so darn expensive! So when I say we are still going and moving forward, that really is about all we are doing.

I did pick up a really good Vietnam guide book, lonely Planet. The other one I had contained much opinion from one who lives in Europe...Not very helpful to this American chick as I had little clue what she meant most of the time regarding facilities. This guide is arranged well, chock full of information (with a side of opinion), and looks like it will be a must have in the backpack.

I am almost done rearranging the girls' bedrooms so they can share the larger one and hoping next week to complete the smaller one into a nursery. We have decided that the babies are going to share a crib, unless for some reason it doesn't work out, but we will start out that way at least. I am feeling like we don't need two of everything, a nice variety would be good, a swing and a bouncy seat, a crib and a play-pen, a bathtub and a changing table. The crib thing was a decision made out of a lack of space and finances, but more so because I really feel the girls will like having someone to be close to when they sleep and seeing each other in the mornings. That and with one crib we can leave a twin bed in there in case I would need to sleep in there case to them for some reason (sick, not adjust to our time zone yet, etc.) We have gathered most of the things we need, just need to go get those babies now!

A visit with my baby cousin helped this weekend, she is waking up more now and looking around, you can just about get a good smile out of her too!! Wonder if the twins are smiling yet?


At 10/10/2006 11:27 AM , Blogger Kelly said...

I hope that you get more pictures and information really soon. I think that the one crib idea is a great idea. They are probably used to that anyway.

At 10/10/2006 2:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The idea of one crib makes alot of sense. When we adopted our daughter she had been sharing a crib with another baby. They were both about 3 months old. Good luck with getting more pictures and updated medicals. looking forward to hearing how things are progressing.



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