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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

3's company

Anyone remember that show, fun theme song! Sorry, really off topic. Well the lists have been conquered with gusto. Today was productive. I have to finish all paperwork tonight or I might bust! Tomorrow night can be reserved for final packing and then from there all we have left to do is go kill some time at a movie theatre and hold hands across the dinner table. The girls leave early afternoon tomorrow so we will have all night tomorrow just us and I know Brian is wanting to go see the latest Bond movie...I would like to see it too. It sure would be nice to get out one last time just us, as I remember how it was with little ones, no movie nights outside of the house!

Thankfullness post for today:
My wonderful husband. Probably have mentioned him before, but honestly, He is the best and deserves more than a mention! He is my soul mate, my best friends, my support when I weak, and the other half of me. He is father to my children, providor of our needs, and a wonderful role model and help mate. How many men do you know of that aren't afraid to do dishes or laundry, enjoy spending time with their children, work a steady job, and still have time for their wife's to do list, etc and so forth and so on. I am forever greatful for our relationship and for how wonderful he has been to me. I probably don't tell him enough, so I hope he reads this. I love him dearly and wish every woman had a man as wonderful as he is.


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