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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Still no news

Please remember us as this is trying time for us. We still do not know for sure when we will have our G&R and we are not sure if Brian will get to see the babies again before he leaves. I want to be sure to tell you all that nothing is wrong with the adoption itself or the babies. Simply put the officials are not committing to a date so far as we can tell. We like it here, do not get us wrong, we simply wish things were moving along as planned. You spend all those days waiting and wishing away the time between now and travel. Now we are here, but it simply isn't going like we imagined over and over in our heads.
I am feeling better today, but am being careful to drink plenty of water and resting every so often. I am glad in a way that we don't have the babies yet as I want to get past this before they get here so I can totally focus on them. However I can't help but think having them here might help cure me.
I am hoping my next post bears good news for us, and want to be sure to re-itterate that we are fine, healthy, and liking Hanoi...we simply are ready to hold our girls forever.


At 12/07/2006 8:29 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

argh! come on officials and powers that be- make the date allready! I am glad you are starting to feel a little better, Jenn. Will keep my fingers, toes,and what ever other appendages I can crossed that things will work out and brian can spend at least one day/night with the girls before he leaves.
Thinkin about ya every day!


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