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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

What a Day!

Well, our first full day in Hanoi and what a day it has been. We spent the day unpacking (our luggage came late last night) and also getting the room organized how we like. We took a nap after that and had a quick lunch in the restaurant upstairs. Then we piled in the van with the other two families who are adopting in the same province as we are to go see the babies!
First stop was the Red Cross Orphanage for one of the families and their little one is SO adorable and a bit on the chunky side...anyone who knows me in person will remember how much I love chubby cheeks! The ride to our province was a bit long, though I certainly can't complain after the time we have spent in the air. It was interesting to see more of the country side and I was able to snap a few good pictures of the area of my children's birth.
Next stop was the Government orphanage and social center. We had to drive a fair bit to get to it and it was approaching dark when we got there. The director came out to let us know that the lights have been off all day so we would have to meet the babies on the patio. I knew this wouldn't be a long meeting as the Vietnamese do not like to let their babies be out in the cool or sun very long at all. It was so wonderful to hold the babies. To those who have seen our referral pics, yes they look like the picture and YES they are deffinately twins! They are so little, I was worried after our first stop that they might be as big and thought the clothes we brought might not fit...no worries now, they are so petite and their features look so delicate. I am sure that he 0-3 that we brought will fit them, and I brought a couple 3-6 just in case. Their nanny was sure to let us know that their names are both names of flowers that grow in Vietnam. I am hoping to ask when we go back if she is the one that named them. The girls are so beautiful and very well cared for. I was amazed at their movements and how they looked for their nanny. Those in adoption world know this is a good sign that they are attached, it is stated that a baby can much more easily transfer an attachment than they can form on when they never have before.
Now the bad news. It seems that there are some meetings that are tying up officials and they are wanting to change our G&R again to next week. I am heartbroken over it and it was all I could do to hand them back tonight. I was handed Aubrey and Brian was handed Chloe and the families with us helped by taking lots of pics and some video. They had woken them for us to visit with them so they weren't too sure what was going on at first, but it wasn't long and they were cooing at us and Chloe even ended up with the hiccups which she found funny. Chloe is the talker and Aubrey is a cuddle-bug, though our visit was short so we'll see when we are able to spend more time with them.
I want so badly to post pictures, but without our G&R being a firm thing now I am going to play it safe and wait until everything settles. I know this will disappoint some of you, but it is what our agency reccomends...no public posting of photos until the G&R. Now it seems that there is a chance for Friday and after that it won't be until Wednesday. I am really praying for Friday as Brian leaves on Sunday night...I hate for him to not be there for the G&R and their first night with us. I simply can't imagine it without him! After saying that I want to tell you all how much I wish you could see them and how much I wish I could share right now. They are simply perfect and sweet.
Here are some pictures of where they are from though to tide you over and hopefully we will have that G&R soon and I'll be able to post pictures soon.

PS blogger won't let me post pics right now, I'll try again later


At 12/05/2006 9:48 AM , Anonymous molly said...

Oh, you held them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tearing up!!!!!!!!!!! They sound delightful. I cannot WAIT to see pictures of you with them!!! And I have already been praying that Brian would get to be there for the G&R and the first night....come on Friday!! I'll continue to pray.

Enjoy your week. I know you just want to have those babies, but if you get all the sightseeing out of the way ;) now then you won't feel bad if you just feel like hanging out in the room with your twins once you have them.

Thanks for keeping us updated!!

At 12/05/2006 2:21 PM , Blogger Nicki said...

How exciting!!!!!! I can't imagine how it felt to hold two little sweet peanuts, sisters, soon to be forever yours!! I understand about the pictures - i wouldn't post either. I hope you get that G&R finalized ASAP! Meanwhile, can you visit often?

At 12/05/2006 3:16 PM , Blogger KelleyO said...

Jenn, I am so happy you got to cuddle your little sweeties. I can hardly wait to see pictures. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a speedy G&R date. Blessings!

At 12/05/2006 4:59 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

What a wonderful post. I'm soaking in all the details and imagining you and Brian holding your little girls. I'll be praying for that G&R date to happen soon. Unitl then do some sight seeing and enjoy Vietnam.

At 12/06/2006 6:34 AM , Anonymous LaurieW said...

Jenn praying for you and Brian and the G&R- But so glad you were able to hold them!


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