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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Visiting the twins

We went visiting again today and for more than 15 minutes too! It was so wonderful to see them again and to be able to hold and care for them. The two highlights of the trip for me was when I got there they were asleep in their little hammock, but just kind of stirring. So the noise of all our "enterouge" (sp?) woke them up a bit and as they looked up and saw me they smilled away like I had never even been gone! How sweet and totally melting! THEN, I knew which was which, I asked to be sure, but I did know! I bought some nail polish to put on ones toes just to be sure as I would REALLY hate to mix them up and just not know. But already I am able to tell them apart. The down side of the visit was that it was even harder to go. It was all I could do to hold back the tears. I am so in love with those two little flowers (their Vietnamese names are two different flowers) and can not wait to be loving on them day and night.
One thing I found interesting today. The Vietnamese consider older children and special needs children un-adoptable. The orphanage my girls are at has many children but when asked if they were adoptable, the answer given was "oh no, they are disabled and too old" We are talking age 4 and up and disabilities ranging from malformities to near blind to developmental issues. It took awhile to figure out that the reason they are un-adoptable is because who would want to adopt them, I couldn't believe it and tried my best to explain the the little blind girl with glaucoma or cataracts could have a chance at seeing and a normal life with help and that there are people out there that would consider her a beautiful addition to their family. Here they are simply the unwanted...it is sad, but with the type of income most have, they simply can not deal with these type of medical issues. I hope that type of thinking turns and some agencies are able to open the door to finding homes for these children.
I am dying to post all the wonderful pictures I have of the twins on here, but must wait until after the G&R as my agency suggests. They are so cute and sweet, Chloe is such the talker and social-bug while Aubrey is very quiet and ovservant. They both love their nanny though very much and I know it will be hard for them not to see her anymore. I have some very beautiful footage on the video camera of her singing to Aubrey, something I know the girls will treasure as they grow into their adult years...to see and hear how much they were loved, that they were not simply cast aside or laying in a crib without end or attention.
I have given up much hope on flying home at my regular scheduled time (early morning Christmas Eve) but there is still a chance. The cultural differences are so big, it's hard to tell what is a solid and sure thing and what isn't. I can not wait to get to the u s side of things. Meanwhile I still am enjoying Hanoi, I can not wait to see the city some more tomorrow on a tour we have planned. It will be nice to relax and let my brain check out for a bit. Seeing more and more Christmas decor, even the store fronts are decked out. Sorry, forgot to get pics of those in winter wear, but I will, I promise!
Have a good day as I get a good nights rest,


At 12/10/2006 5:28 PM , Anonymous molly said...

Oh what a wonderful thing that the twins smiled at you as they awoke. Surely God has prepared them for you, so they know you are their mommy :) I bet you are so eager to bring them back to the hotel with you, so you can really spend time soaking in their little selves. Won't be much longer! I can't wait to hear more about them, their personalities and all the cute things they will do. Hang in there...it must be tough being there by yourself now....and not having the distraction of caring for the twins. I'm praying for you, Jenn!!

Enjoy your tour. Are you touring Hanoi or going to one of the nearby towns?

At 12/10/2006 11:44 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

How special to have their nanny singing to them on tape. Can't wait to see pictures. Only a short time now until G&R!


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