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Monday, August 07, 2006

Important Info, kind of

On the adoption front, it is slow going I think from here. We received our child abuse letter (proving that lack there of) in the mail on Saturday after the post office closed. So today I sent out our homestudy packet containing the rest of our documents in it for our completed homestudy. Very un-exciting, but a step in the right direction.

In other news, I found this on the web and find it hilarious, a tad extreme, and sad all in one. I know a few people with this disorder, hopefully it isn't you. Education is the first step, but I am a non-confrontational type of gal so I will start with educating you :) It's funny the things you don't think about until they are brought in the proper light. I'll post themain jist of it here, but give you the link if you want to read the entire post. Be warned, he gets a bit extreme in the part I'm not copying (no, it isn't about beavers):


Well Intentioned But Misinformed Adoption Ignorance Disorder
Otherwise known as WIBMAID
We have all suffered the loving words of our fellow WIBMAID's and many times they are the people we were depending on the most. Unfortunately WIBMAID is a disorder that only shows it's signs of infection when those who have WIBMAID open there mouths and speak around those that are adopting.Some of the more common signs of WIBMAID are:
-referring to the difference between biological and adopted as "real" and "other"
-imagination of an instant bonding process that the children feel like they owe you their love and gratitude for "saving them"
-explanations of why birth mothers deserve FMLA (family leave from work) for the birth of their kids while adoptive mothers need to remain at work
-any conversation including the theme of "bringing bad blood into the family"
-the mentality that the adoptive children should forget their birth heritage and ethnicity and become only the new adoptive families heritage and ethnicity
-the assumption that because you adopt you must be infertile
-the assumption that all adopted kids grow up to be social inept or criminals
-morons that use racist language (about your child's race) around you because of your ethnicity
-use of the terms Oreo, ladybug, Klondike bar, or any of the other derogatory racist remarks that denote they are one race on the outside, but another on the inside
-the mentality that ones grammar, education, personal likes and dislikes determine ones ethnicity
-the refusal to acknowledge the love of the birth family for the child
Some of the more common people to be infected with WIBMAID are your best friends, your parents, your siblings and your religous leaders.


I have to go finish setting up Twinkle Toe's schooling and get supper going, sorry I don't have much more to say today. The above is not meant to offend, simply to open your eyes to things you may not have seen in the same light before. Like I said the original poster went a bit far in the prescribed treatment of this disorder, perhaps, but we are talking about our kids here...if your a parent I know you will understand the emotion behind it.


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This was a great comment!
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