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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Decision Made

First off, thank you to those who have emailed me and commented with their support. It means more than you may know to know that there are others that understand!

I have decided I am going to plan on leaving Thanksgiving Day.

What exactly does that mean, you may ask? I PROMISE I will not be taking of to Vietnam without a G&R date, I promise. Don't want anyone thinking I am going to go over there and hang out for the month or something...I am much more practical than that. I just am figuring that Thanksgiving is the last part of the month and it will help me get through the month should I need to wait the entire month for travel.

Do I hope to leave earlier than that? YOU BET!

Is there a chance I will leave earlier than that? Absolutely, and I hope a good one!

Is there a chance I will leave later than that? Unfortunately, yes. You see nothing is final until we are assigned a giving and recieving date (G&R) so until that point, much can happen.

Meanwhile I plan on re-organizing my house. My good friend Deb came over today and helped me with my kitchen cupboards. I love organization, but hate organizing. If there is a place for something, I will put it there....I'm really bad about getting a place made for everything. With two more in our house however, there will not be room for clutter or stuff sitting around. We did quite a bit today, I am super pleased that with the exception of the toaster, hot water pot (we are big time tea drinkers) and one crock of utensils, my kitchen counters are free and clear and sparkling too!

I think I will work on the school room some tomorrow, it isn't too bad. Something I can tackle on my own for a little moral boost. Don't ask why I need to boost my own moral, but it works...one of those strange things.

Hoping to type a travel announcement any day but ok with waiting, again :)


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