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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Travel is looming

Why on earth does that title sound so ominous? That is how it feels right now. There is so much to get done, so much I don't know yet (including the date we need to be there!) and yet I know that travel is lurking around the corner ready to jump out at me at any given moment and say "BOO!" I don't want it to take me by surprise, I want to be prepared.....Ugh. I have come to terms with the fact that I might only have a week or maybe two from notice to leave and actually leaving. I have plans to get the beds all switched around and the older two sharing a room. The babies "stuff" is about half packed and I have a mental list as well as 2 or 3 computer lists of things I plan on taking, clothes I will need, etc. BUT WHEN? Any of you out there feeling a bit "suspense-full" for me (is that even a word, probably not) Imagine how I am feeling! Are the airlines going to be picked over with only the cruddy seats left, will the hotels I would like to stay at be booked up? But, what can I do but wait and be sure I am doing what I can as time tick-tocks by. I've thought of getting one of those cute little counters that people have, I love them. I like seeing the time tick down until they travel to their little ones, but I don't think I can handle it on my blog...too much anxiety when it applies to oneself.


On another hand, though, travel is just around the corner and I will finally be able to hold my baby girls!!!!! I wonder how big they will feel in my arms, will they cry at the strange looking lady holding them, will they smile at the stranger with the hair like they haven't seen? Are they eating well, being loved on and held? Will they adjust to life outside of the orphanage well? How will they handle the air flight home? I hope I can tell them apart, and that I haven't forgotten how to take care of a baby. I can not wait to see their country, their heritage...to eat the food, see the country, and of course do a bit of shopping. How on earth am I going to shop with two little babies! Most of all I can't for us all to be home and be a family. The girls are so excited to see their sisters. They want so badly to go along...if only. Will the twins like their big sisters, will they smile when the oldest plays peek-a-boo to no end? Will they coo at Little Bit's soft face and gentle words?

I wonder.



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