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Friday, August 11, 2006

Isn't he funny

I love my husband. If it at all seems that he doesn't want to adopt, know that he does. He is just about as anxious about it as I am, well close. I've told him that anytime he wants to he can post on here. Life keeps him pretty busy though, don't expect to hear from him too often.

Things are very quiet around here, waiting on a rough-draft of our homestudy for approval. I am working a bit extra these next couple weeks so I have some extra cash for vacation.

The oldest starts her homeschooling on the 28th and we still don't have her curriculum yet...that is a bit unnerving. I'll post a little more on homeschooling one of these days. I will save it for a time of waiting, when there is absolutely nothing to do but wait. Then you all won't have to hear me go on and on about waiting...I'll have something to write about :)

Oh yes, and my girls love Beauty and the Beast, especially our youngest. It was so fitting/funny when Brian was picked to do this little storytime show at the Magic Kingdom last year. At the end of the move when Beast turns into a handsome prince, Gracie would always say "LOOK! He's turning into a daddy!" I'll agree with her ;)


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